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Popular features that luxury home buyers look for

One of the defining features of luxury real estate is the string of amenities and features that cater to the owner’s lifestyle. If you are considering selling your Cabo San Lucas real estate, part of knowing how to sell luxury homes is to understand what today’s set of luxury home buyers want. These are the top features they are looking for.

Size and floor plans

When buyers browse the Cabo real estate MLS for luxury properties, they often have a specific size and layout in mind. Whether they are looking at Los Cabos Mexico villas, mansions, or other types of homes, a majority of luxury homebuyers want anywhere between 3,000 to 5,000 square feet of space, with at least four bedrooms.

Luxury home buyers also want modern floor plans. Open spaces framed by tall ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows to natural light in are popular configurations. Contemporary finishes complement such floor plans, and luxury home buyers gravitate towards properties that have such highlights.

The latest technology

Technology brings convenience, which is a major part of the luxury lifestyle. Luxury homes outfitted with home automation technology help make life easier. Residents can control different parts of their home with a simple voice command or a quick push of a button.

Smart home tech extends security and green initiatives, as well. Easy-to-use surveillance systems that can be controlled and accessed remotely are highly coveted. And with more people taking up the mantle of environmental stewardship, systems that harness solar energy, recycle water, and lessen the carbon footprint are all the rage.

A whole room for wine

Cellars are slowly being replaced with entire rooms stocked floor to ceiling with bottles of wine. And instead of having wine storage secluded in the basement, more luxury home buyers are looking to show off their collection.

A room in the house, rather than the basement or in a closet, allows the owner to easily showcase the variety of wines they have collected and share a glass or two with their loved ones. In many instances, luxury home buyers also want the wine room to be a place where they can entertain. They want glass displays, racks that are motorized, and custom lighting to create a memorable experience in their home.

A fully equipped home gym

Luxury homebuyers are as concerned about their health as everyone else. Leaving their homes to workout at a public facility or buying a gym membership, however, isn’t always an attractive prospect. This is why a growing number of luxury home buyers prefer to have their own home gym instead.

A fully equipped home gym is a must-have for health-minded luxury homebuyers. It must have all the essential equipment for strength and cardio exercises, as well as enough space for other types of workout routines like yoga and no-equipment high-intensity training.

Additional luxurious touches such as a sauna, an in-house spa, and a high-end shower room are features  that many luxury shoppers also appreciate.

Million-dollar views

Luxury homes often feature breathtaking views, and when it comes to luxury properties located in beautiful locales like Los Cabos, this feature is a given.
Floor-to-ceiling glass walls, strategically placed windows, and outdoor living spaces are a must to fully enjoy million-dollar views. And luxury home buyers want vistas that are as unobstructed as possible.

Home entertainment centers

Home theaters and entertainment centers have been popular amongst luxury homeowners for quite some time. Home buyers are looking for entertainment centers that offer a little something extra. This might include a home theater with reclining chairs and the latest picture technology and sound system. An entertainment system might include a room with a pool table and built-in bar, an indoor basketball court, or even an indoor bowling alley.

Incredible outdoor spaces

When buying in Los Cabos markets such as Cabos San Lucas real estate, outdoor living spaces are a must.

Outdoor living spaces can be anything, from a resort-style pool area, a garden planted with native flora, to al-fresco dining experiences complete with outdoor kitchens. Some luxury home buyers want these outdoor living spaces to be integrated with the interiors, creating seamless indoor-outdoor spaces. To create this, retractable or sliding floor-to-ceiling glass walls or the lack of walls in one side of the home are incorporated in the overall design of the property.

Knowing what luxury homebuyers are looking for can help you to market your home properly and see what your property has to offer. For more information about selling your property in Los Cabos, contact Andrew Lemke today.