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Internationally recognized sport fishing tournaments in Los Cabos

The pristine weather and rich marine life makes Los Cabos an incredible destination for recreational anglers from all over the world. Nestled on the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula, this fishing paradise has established strict regulations designed to protect marine species, paving the way for some of the best sport fishing tournaments throughout the globe.

Sport fishing in Cabo San Lucas is unmatched, especially during the months of October to December. The end of the year creates optimal water temperatures for big fish, and the weather cools off slightly, ranging from high 80s to low 90s and humidity reaching the high 60s.

Looking forward to experiencing one of the best Cabo San Lucas activities? Here three of the biggest tournaments scheduled during the prime fishing season: 

Bisbee’s Black & Blue Tournament

The Los Cabos region has been hosting Bisbee’s Black & Blue tournaments for more than three decades. The tournament is the last in a series of prestigious sport fishing tournaments organized by the Bisbee’s – the other two are the Bisbee’s East Cape Offshore, which is held in Buenavista every July, and the Los Cabos Offshore Charity Tournament, which also takes place in Cabo San Lucas every October.

The Black & Blue Marlin Tournament was started in 1981 by Bob Bisbee, and has since evolved from six teams and a $10,000 purse to now over 150 teams with a chance to win millions of dollars. The tournament had a record-high overall cash payout of $4,165,960 back in 2006, the largest payout in the history of sport fishing.

The excitement and festivities surrounding the Bisbee’s Black & Blue Tournament is definitely something worth experiencing, especially for avid fishing enthusiasts. It’s five whole days packed with fun, with thousands of spectators filling marina walkways to shop, dine, party, and witness giant fish being weighed in front of the Puerto Paraiso Entertainment Plaza.

This year’s tournament will be held from October 22 to 26, 2019. Visit the official tournament website for more info.

Los Cabos Billfish Tournament

The three-day Los Cabos Billfish Tournament awards the team that scores the most billfish points per pound and also the team that tallies the highest number of billfish release points.

The Los Cabos Billfish Tournament recently celebrated its 20-year anniversary in 2018, helping promote both billfish catch and release and Los Cabos as one of the best sport fishing destinations in the world. The tournament was founded in 1999 by the Los Cabos Tourism Board and Los Cabos Hotel Association as an event marketing and media program.

The tournament is recognized in the global sport fishing community for being a pioneer for the catch, photograph, and release system. It is the first sport fishing competition that utilizes video cameras and technology to create a scoring system for billfish releases, as well as a live online scorekeeper.

In addition to the top prize, tournament participants get the opportunity to compete for a variety of optional jackpots, including daily largest marlin, daily heaviest tuna, wahoo, and dorado, daily billfish release, overall billfish release points, and largest marlin in the tournament.

This year’s Los Cabos Billfish Tournament will be held on October 13 to 17, 2019. For registration, rules, and complete schedule information, visit the official tournament website.

WON Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot

Organized by Western Outdoor News, the Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot competition is one of Mexico’s best-attended and most anticipated fishing tournaments. The event had a record-breaking year in 2018, with over 160 teams and a massive $840,600 payout, along with 17 teams across the board and 22 teams competing for the $10,000 tuna optional.

Western Outdoor News has another amazing tournament in store this year, and have made a few tweaks designed to make the event more affordable for first-time competitors and more lucrative at the highest levels for heavy optional hitters.

One of the key additions to the rules this year is a new video requirement. For the first time, the tournament now requires a video of the at the end of a fight between a big tuna, wahoo, or dorado on the deck. Tournament officials will request the video at weigh-ins, so if you’re planning to join, be sure to have a teammate or crew member filming the final minutes on a smartphone or other video recording advice.

The WON Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot is scheduled from November 6 to 9, 2019. Get a preview of the tournament here.

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