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How to stage a home for selling

Villas del Mar.

Highlight the best features of your home, like the breathtaking views of this casitas for sale in Villas del Mar.

Now that you’ve invested in Cabo San Lucas real estate, you can expect to get a high return on your property. Here’s how to ensure the successful sale of high end Los Cabos, Mexico villas.

I. How to sell luxury homes

Selling a luxury home isn’t the same as selling an ordinary one – a unique combination of factors, including location, features, provenance, and desirability, will come into play.

The good news is that Cabo San Lucas does a good job of selling itself. Known for upscale resorts, designer golf courses, and marlin fishing, this affluent resort town is one of the most sought after markets for oceanfront properties and vacation homes.

It also attracts a large number of American and Canadian retirees who want to spend their golden years in comfort.

To sell your home for top dollar, you must assemble a team of professionals to guide the process:

  • A qualified selling advisor. Avoid the common pitfalls of selling a home by hiring a real estate advisor with a proven track record. The advisor will offer home staging tips and find qualified buyers for your home.

    Andre Lemke is the leading expert on luxury properties in Cabo San Lucas. Call him today to find the perfect home.

    • A notario público or a real estate attorney. Find a lawyer who will check:
      1. The identity of the buyer
      2. Capital gains tax
      3. The legal transfer of funds
      4. The characteristics of the property
    • An experienced translator or interpreter. If neither you nor the buyer speak fluent Spanish, have all pertinent documents translated to English.

    I. Luxury home staging tips

    Effective home staging means higher offers and less time on the market. Professional home staging can sometimes result in a quick sale. Create a staging plan with your real estate advisor or property management team. You can also time your sale during the winter and spring travel seasons (December to April) to get more views on your property.

    However, it pays to keep the following tips in mind:

    • Highlight the best features of your home. Do you have spectacular views of the ocean? Then, make sure nothing impedes the view – not your window treatments, nor the placement of your furniture. If it’s the outdoor space you’re proud of, all should look pristine – your pool, your lounge chairs, the landscaping.
    • Declutter. Consider placing collectibles, heirlooms, personal effects, and bulky furniture in private storage to free up the space. However, retain a few items that will your cozy up the home like a cookie jar in the kitchen, a vase of local blooms on a side table, and the like.
    • Tidy up. Take out the garbage and make sure that all surfaces are clean.
    • Deodorize. Neutralize any odors from food, pets, garbage, and tobacco smoke.
    • Set the mood. Draw the curtains, turn on the lights on, play the appropriate background music for the time of day, and scent up the room with diffusers and candles.
    • Edit the room. Curate a selection of furniture, artwork, and décor that tell a story. Each item you bring into the home must contribute something to the overall theme of the interior, and remove anything that is extraneous.

    Curb appeal lets you make a positive first impression. When maximizing curb appeal, check the following items:

    • Roofs. Is the roof area clear of debris and obstructions?
    • Gutters. Are the gutters clean?
    • Windows. Are the windows clean and in good condition?
    • Exterior walls. Do the walls need a new coat of paint? Does the siding need some power washing?
    • Vegetation. Have the trees, shrubs, and bushes been pruned?
    • Gates. Does the main gate need a fresh coat of paint, and is the metal hardware, such as locks and hinges, working properly?

    III. Pricing your home

    Correct pricing is crucial to the quick sale of your luxury home. However, it is not enough to rely on data from recent sales of comparable properties in the area. This is because luxury homes are one-offs with a unique blend of architecture, features, finishes, views, craftsmanship, and location.

    An experienced selling advisor will determine the fair market value of the property by doing a detailed market analysis, which requires a thorough inspection of the property and an outline of its most important and distinctive features.

    IV. Marketing a luxury home

    Your selling advisor will gain maximum exposure for your home by listing it on the Cabo real estate MLS. Aside from getting the word out on your listing, they will employ a range of marketing techniques to capture the attention of qualified buyers.

    They will also produce high end marketing collateral, including high resolution images, virtual tours, advertising copy, and drone footage.

    V. Sell my home

    Cabo San Lucas is a coveted address, and so there is no reason for you to fail. The services of a trustworthy selling advisor will help you attract high offers. Andrew Lemke is a luxury real estate expert in Cabo San Lucas, with over $400 million in sales to his name.

    To get the ball rolling in your luxury listing, get in touch with Andrew Lemke today.

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