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Instagram-worthy spots in Cabo San Lucas

From popular tourist spots to the best hotels in Cabo San Lucas, this municipality never fails to impress. Turn your Instagram page into an enviable travel blog by taking snaps of Cabo's landmarks, hotels, and restaurants. A visit to th...

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Best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Los Cabos

Sampling the local dishes should be high on your list of priorities when planning what to do in Cabo San Lucas. If you're vegan or vegetarian, you've come to the right place – you'll find several dining hotspots that serve fantastic non-...

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Make your home look more expensive in 5 easy steps

If you’re figuring out how to sell luxury homes or how to make your property look like the valuable piece of Cabo San Lucas real estate that it is, you’ve come to the right blog post. This piece will give you tips and ideas on how...

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The complete checklist for buying a house in Cabo

When buying a second home in Cabo San Lucas, international buyers must be aware of the different steps and requirements of the buying process to avoid delays in closing. This buying a house checklist is meant to familiarize internatio...

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