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Buyer’s guide to homes in Los Cabos, Mexico

The Los Cabos, Mexico real estate scene is a treasure trove of fantastic finds for property buyers looking for a slice of paradise to call their own. If you are buying a second home to serve as your luxurious tropical escape, this collection of home buying tips is the ideal resource for you.

Important matters to consider before buying your Los Cabos luxury home

  • Know what you want

Make the most out of your investment by making sure that your Los Cabos luxury residence is the right match for your personality and lifestyle.
Do you plan to go yachting or fishing regularly? Choose a property that offers convenient access to the water that will allow you to fully enjoy these activities. View some of your options here.
Are you looking for a luxurious retreat for your golden years where you can enjoy exquisite views and utmost serenity? Look for a quiet neighborhood that offers privacy and adequate distance from popular beach destinations.

  • Consider your long-term objectives

Los Cabos real estate offers some of the most idyllic living experiences money can buy. But these coveted properties hold plenty of earning potential link to Month 3 article – Why buying Baja California real estate is a good investment, as well.

Before you dive deep into the Los Cabos luxury real estate market, weigh your options and consider your long-term objectives. This will help you in your search for the ideal property in which to put your money.

  • Understand how the Mexican real estate market works for foreign buyers

Mexico allows foreign citizens or corporate entities to purchase coastal properties but only through a “fideicomiso,” or a trust agreement made with a Mexican bank. The “fideicomiso” gives foreign property owners all the rights and privileges of a citizen, including the ability to hold multiple properties, own them in perpetuity, and transfer ownership to heirs. The trust may also be transferred to another foreign buyer through a sale.

Securing a “fideicomiso” involves partnering with Federal and State notaries. This process can take from 60 to 90 days, so work with a dedicated Los Cabos real estate expert like Andrew Lemke who will help you keep tabs on every step. The initial “fideicomiso” term lasts 50 years and can be renewed for additional 50-year periods.
To learn more about the nuances of Los Cabos luxury real estate, read these frequently asked questions.
Request a copy of the latest Los Cabos luxury real estate market report here.

The right real estate agent

Real estate customers always gain a distinct advantage when they partner with the right real estate professional. With a knowledgeable and experienced agent providing important and timely advice, the home buying process moves with greater ease.

When it comes to buying luxury properties in Los Cabos, Andrew Lemke is the name to remember. Andrew is a seasoned expert in luxury residential and development properties in the Baja California Peninsula. He is also a trusted advisor when it comes to new construction and project consulting in the area.
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Searching for your ideal home
The home of your dreams is just a click away.
Discover the most exceptional luxury properties in Los Cabos through these designated search pages:

The absolute best Los Cabos luxury properties that are sure to satisfy every desire of even the most sophisticated buyers

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Making a strong offer and entering negotiations

Once you’ve shortlisted your Los Cabos luxury home search to your Top 3 candidates, prepare a compelling offer. In addition to the price you’d like to pay for the property, include a personal letter to the home seller. Explain your reasons for choosing their home and how you intend to make the most out of it as the property’s new owner.
Be prepared to receive a counter-offer. Use your agent’s negotiation skills to maintain a reasonable yet firm stance to arrive at a mutually agreeable final price. If negotiations reach a stalemate – or if your offer is rejected outright – be open to moving on to your other top choices as soon as possible.

Sealing the deal

Do your due diligence before finalizing a deal with the seller. Get property inspections done and look into the necessary title review and insurance processes to ensure that no hidden structural or legal issues will arise and ruin your living experience after you move into your new home.
Be sure to look into insurance measures that especially protect waterfront properties, as well.
In Mexico, the transfer of title and the delivery of the property are separate procedures that may take place on different dates. This means you there may be a gap between the date of closing and when you can actually move into your new home.

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